OSL: Operation Solid Lives

OPERATION: SOLID LIVES is a life-changing discipleship program designed to get God’s word into you and you into God’s word. Though many Christians want to read the Bible more, pray more and be serious about the things of God, it will not happen without making significant lifestyle adjustments. It takes discipline, and that’s where Operation Solid Lives (OSL) comes in.

OSL is designed to help you put God first in every area of your life. It helps guide you into the Christian life you have heard and dreamed about, but may not know how to live. Through incredible faith-building teachings and a clear scriptural path toward growth and freedom, OSL will help you unlock the abundant life Jesus promised you. There are five levels of OSL, each level building upon the last. As you journey through each level, you will gain spiritual wisdom and insight as you spend time in God’s word, and limit unnecessary habits in order to hear God more clearly. OSL is much more than a class, it’s an encounter with God that will leave you changed forever.

Adults of every age and season of life have made the choice to jump into the life-changing experience of OSL. Here, at Without Walls Church, we have made this program a priority and have seen so many people take this amazing step and see transformational change in their walk with Jesus.  We encourage you to not miss this opportunity and enroll in the next session today! Stop by our Information desk or email us at: kathy@withoutwalls.tv for more info.


Though it is called Level 1 it is in no way a “beginners” class. Whether you are brand new to the family of God or a mature believer, Level 1 will help you understand the love of God like never before. If you desire to go deeper in your relationship with God, Level 1 is a powerful first step to help you on your journey.


In Level 2 you will encounter the powerful truth of God’s covenant that He made with us through Jesus Christ. This level will open your heart and your eyes  to understand God’s promises for your life in amazing ways, including what it means to receive the fullness of His Spirit!


God has given us the most powerful weapon in existence to defeat the attacks of the enemy and live as overcomers. That weapon is the Word of God! In Level 3 you will learn how to fight effectively in the spirit using the power of God’s word, and how to keep His word in your heart so that it produces freedom and victory in your life.


In Level 4 you will discover the truths of what it means to live a “spritual life” in Christ. You will be challenged to go to a whole new level in praise, worship and prayer and will learn in great detail what it means to be led by the power of the Holy Spirit.   

We all have a unique assignment on our lives to accomplish incredible things for God’s kingdom. In Level 5, you will be challenged to discover your unique gifts and callings as well as keys to ministry straight from the Word of God.